Glasswire "Things" Tab

Update on previous post: I found that by disabling the “Npcap Loopback Adapter” on my system, my “Things” scan returned to less than a minute duration.


Hi zzz00m, and to Ken

I thought after zzz00m did a test i might also try this out. And yes with Npcap Adapter enabled the scan under Things took 06.56 minutes to finish the scanning results. Then i disabled Npcap Adapter and then scan only took 45 seconds to complete. This new info i would suggest to pass on to the Dev Team. It might effect the new changes they have made so far? They should also test this out to see if it will effect the new changes made in the unreleased new version?

Thank you Ken, and to zzz00m for his testing.


Thanks for finding the cause. I shared this info with the team but I’m not sure if there is anything we ourselves can do about it (yet).


Maybe they will be able to have GlassWire ignore any loopback adapters when scanning for “Things”.


It sounds like a “timeout” issue. Is the problem something like Glasswire performing an ARP scan at layer 2 / link layer but the loopback adapter ignores ARP as it never goes to that layer, having no physical network?

Anyway, the following page might help:


Just an FYI, I never saw this GlassWire scan behavior before with only WinPcap installed. It only began when I replaced that with Npcap.

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Thanks everyone for this detailed info. Since the issue is caused by another software I’m not sure if we can do anything, but we are investigating.