Glasswire Things v2.3 Rundown

Here’s a screen shot of v2.2 Things, a mixture of Ethernet and 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections. I’ve obfuscated the data for an alarm system and my router. 2.3.318 was installed over 2.2.304 without issue or reboot.

Screen shots of v2.3 display the extensive improvements and enhanced “all in one” user interface and tools. At one point in time I moved the cable from the Biostar desktop to the Asus desktop and plugged in the cable from the Blu-ray player (unconnected unless occasional checking on updates).

Here are the new displays for the expanded NIC data and the Things settings, the latter from the Things screen menu More… or the GW menu Settings…
As I won’t allow my two so equipped PCs to use Wi-Fi, I can’t show what would display up top there where my NIC data is presented. Anyone care to add to this?

My favorite Things screen will be with All and Device State options set.

In v2.2, the scan took “forever,” about 35 seconds. I wish I would have taken a stopwatch to it before doing the upgrade as now it is 12 seconds at that Threads quality slider’s default. At full plus, the scan took 8 seconds. At full minus, well… I stopped it at three minutes, ninety seconds. (Note: Every 5 minutes has been my setting for some time. I forgot what the default is.)

I would welcome a numerical value displayed for the Threads quality slider. Finally, I request an icon for a Blu-ray player. I suggest the Marvel Studio logo. :wink:

The new Things enhancements is just one of the things making GW even more worthy of the price of admission.


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Thanks for your feedback and detailed report!

For the “quit the network” we’d often get complaints from users, so we changed the default behavior where “Things” no longer shows alerts. Some devices go to “sleep” and offline fairly often, so the alerts of coming/going are very frequent on some networks.

You can still adjust the alerts though. I can’t remember if we completely removed the “quit the network” alert though. I will ask our team on Monday.

Scanning is much faster for me also! That’s a major reason why we redesigned how “Things” worked, because on some networks scanning took much too long.

I humbly confess it’s been a while since I checked my setting in Security > Things monitor which is “Report only new unknown devices,” as yours.

It didn’t occur to me the new Things would consider all my devices as new at first run and I shouldn’t expect any subsequent alerts, join or quit, other than new unknown.

I’ve edited my rundown.

BTW, with the improvement to threads quality, with the setting just a skootch to the left of plus, I can set the auto-scan to three minutes, maybe two.


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