Glasswire Things vs Router info

Hello everybody, I detected a temporary decrease on my bandwidth and would like to know if somebody else is connected to my router.
I use my Router info and also The Glasswire Things, getting this result.
Can somebody explain me how should I interpret this?

Thanks in advance and would really appreciate any simple explanation as I am a nor experienced usser.!


Can you share a list of the “Things” that you know should actually be connected to your router? It will help me give feedback.

Have you changed your WiFi password lately? Would it matter if you did so? Sometimes if I worry I just reset my password, then I don’t have to worry anymore.

Hello Ken, I would only expect to be connected the devices listed by the router (PC by cable and Android by wifi).
Now I changed the Wifi password and my android disappeared from both lists as expected. But Glasswire keeps showing some extra devices connected to my wifi.

It looks like you might have VOIP telephony operating as you have a list of calls. If so then the 10.?.?.? IP addresses are probably your telephone handsets.

FYI, two changes will make it easier for others to assess what might be happening.

  1. Don’t obscure private IPv4 network addresses which are used locally on your local network e.g. 10.?.?.? or 192.168.?.?

    On the FRITZ!Box, the IP address can also indicate the likely device type.

  2. Display the IP view rather than the DNS view in GlassWire Things tab. Then it is easier to match devices with those listed in the FRITZ!Box DHCP device list.

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I’m not sure what to suggest it could be. Maybe it’s the cable or DSL modem itself that’s showing up?