Glasswire unactivate/activate my mic?


Is normal that in the Glasswire Alert I frequently see that Glasswire activate and disable my microphone ?

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GlassWire reports if other applications activate or disable your microphone. You can click the alert to see which application is using the mic or webcam. What does the “Alerts” tab show is the application that is accessing your webcam and mic?

What Windows version are you using?

Dear Ken,

Yes I know the goal of this feature. But I wonder why Glasswire is using the mic …?
Because In the Alerts tab, it shows that sometime Glasswire uses my mic !

I use W10

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GlassWire has no multimedia capabilities at all. Please post the screenshot here, or email our helpdesk so we can fix this bug.

Also please confirm what OS version you are using and what type of webcam/mic if possible. Were you using any multimedia applications when this happened? It will help us recreate and fix the bug.

Dear Ken,

Please find attached the screenshot.
Note that is not the only one weird program who is activating my mic (also my antivirus).
Note also that my USB webcam/mic is unpluged since 1 week…

I’m using Windows 10 and my webcam/mic is a Logitech HD C270 (via USB).

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Thanks. We’ll try to reproduce this bug on our end.

Please try to rename the GlassWire database (glasswire.db, which is in c:\programdata\glasswire\service folder) and then try to reproduce the issue. We are unable to recreate this.

Meyen disable Windows remote access thats a start Hackers can do this if they are helped by clicking on suspect buttons on websites . Also MS can do this as well through its admitted spy network on Win 10 I take it you have removed all the programming allowing this especially the new voice communication app of MS,s.

Hi servo, Ok i’ll try to reproduce it again, for the moment (i didn’t yet renamed the database), the behvior doesn’t appear anymore.

Hi Duncan,

The Windows remote access is already unactivated, I’ve deleted everything I could in order to try to kill all W10 spy abilities (like Cortana)…

That’s why i bought Glasswire, because of this F… W10 !
And It does the work perfectly :slight_smile:

IF Glasswire cant find a fault in their app it only logically leaves a problem in your computer. That boils down to=is it MS or is it a hacker/virus . Business tech state although you can only have one main virus protection -live this is not good enough to cover your computer 100 % . In the Windows 7 section of my PC I have a range of -click to activate virus checkers as well as live additional internet protection that doesnt conflict with my paid for protection. Could you run -start Emsisoft Emergency Kit and/or-adware cleaner(xplode) -spybot or a small but powerful JRT_NEW.exe (reboots ) I have many more like Malwarebytes anti-exploit/Win Patrol etc but at the end of the day you might have to check in safe mode . If you positively cant find a virus of any description you are only left with our old "friend " Windows I have now gone 11 months without any Windows updates but I dont keep any personal details or bank details on my PC but dont recommend it unless you disable a lot of Windows "features " there again my PC boots in less than 12 secs on windows just as fast in LInux.

Dear Duncan,

It’s not because they couldn’t reproduce the issue that it obligatory means that the fault doesn’t come from the Glasswire program…

Anyway, I’m a support expert in my job, so I can certify that I don’t have any virus. I daily run my Antimalware scan with 2 program:
MalwareByte and Adwcleaner

And weekly I run Spybot search.

And my antivirus is Avira.


Dear Duncan,

Because of a sense of responsibility and just to be safe, I’ve done another test.
I’ve just ran Windos in safe mode and i’ve used Emsisoft Emergency Kit and it has detected 0 malware …

Please let us know if this happens again after the database rename. Thanks for reporting this problem.

Hi Servo,

I didn’t renamed the database. But since my topic, the behavior never appeared again …