Glasswire Update Policy


I really love your software due to how unintrusive is it compared to other Firewalls. Other software bothers me with popups every hour for every little thing that happens. Glasswire has a much better way of handling this and I really like it.

But the one thing that is really intrusive about the programm are the updates. Every few hours or every time I turn on my PC i get a popup asking me to update and that ruins the glasswire experience for me, because i just can’t simply let it sit in the background doing it’s thing.

I understand that updates are an important part of security software, but it would be made a lot easier if there would be an auto-update feature or if I could choose when to update opposed to being bothered multiple times a day.

Thank you for your time.

Currently updates are very important for users to see due to our beta nature. Later once we have stable releases we plan to redesign how this system works so it’s more user friendly. Thanks for your feedback on the update system.