GlassWire upgrade alert - Trouble updating to the latest version (1.2.64b)? Click here!


@fhkmzb Thanks for confirming the problem. We’ll continue working on it. Meanwhile please run any Windows Updates you can, it may be a bug with Windows that will fix itself with an update soon.


Solved after I turned off Windows Defender’s Real-time protection.


@orange I have contacted Microsoft and submitted a report to them, hopefully it will be fixed soon. On my own OS I can’t recreate this but some of our team can.

Likes to just freeze after the update

I have paid and am not able to activate. there is no help to this problem on your site and no way to get the key for a proper email.


Hello @Suzkucera, I see we are assisting you at the helpdesk now. Sorry for the problem. For the sake of other people who are having this problem:

  1. If you’re having activation problems and you use Kaspersky please disable it temporarily while upgrading.
  2. If that isn’t the problem please uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then do a “clean install” with the installer option.
  3. Please be sure GlassWire isn’t blocking itself under its Firewall tab.
  4. If you’re on a Proxy email our helpdesk for separate instructions.

Sorry for the problem and I hope we can find why your activation is failing soon.


There’s lot of alert i am getting for upgradation,helped me alot to get the detail of this. Double clicking sometimes doesn’t work in windows 10, this is the issue there but right now all solved.