GlassWire version 1.1.46b..bug


Installed on top previus version.

During the first hour and two reboots, not shown any error, but …

If I select, ask to connect, not displayed window asking and the application is unable to connect to Internet.
Appears only if I click over the icon of Glass wire, then at that time shown window asking if allow or deny connection

I also appreciate any change with respect to the previous version.

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Thank you

Thanks for testing the unreleased version. I reported this to the team so they can ask more questions or try to recreate and fix this.

a clean installation, deleted the folder from program data and cleaning registry, not solves the problem

Thanks for also trying a clean install. The team will review this thread and try to find a solution, thanks!

Can you go to the Firewall tab and switch of GlassWire’s Firewall, then switch it back on and see if that solves the problem? It sounds dumb I know but it may fix it.

I’ll try to explain it, it is something strange …

Turn off and turned on the Firewall.

Try to launch an application that needed internet connection, and left the window that says " first network activity " but no window to allow or deny connection.

Then I clicked on GlassWire icon and the window to allow or deny connection was shown , and then by allowing the application listed Firewall .

This try to do it with more than one application , but after doing two or three times , returned to the same initial problem , that is not the application is connected and only the window to allow or deny if I click on the icon shown and out the window after " first network activity .

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In the new version 1.1. 47b, the problem is solved

Thank you

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