Glasswire vs. PureVPN (solved)

I like Glasswire but when I connect with PureVPN Glasswire stops scanning traffic. The minute I disconnect from the VPN Glasswire starts up again…

How do I fix this?


How do you mean GlassWire stops scanning traffic? What does the GlassWire graph show exactly?

Nothing changes in Glasswire when I connect to the VPN. It just stops scanning, The graph stops moving. Oh, and the Usage window stops updating…

What VPN software are you using, and where can we download it? Does PureVPN use a custom client, or do you use your Windows VPN settings?

If you uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then reinstall our latest version does it help?

Is there anything unusual about your VPN setup? Is it through a router or something else unusual?

Custom client.

I haven’t tried uninstalling. Nothing Unusual about the setup. I’m using an Asus RT-N66U router

Do you know if they have a free trial we can try, or do we need to pay to try out their service? Thanks!

I just got off a chat with PureVPN. No free service but they’re running deals.
In other news, they set me up to connect with a dedicated IP in the UK. Strangely that worked. So we’re good on this end. Thanks for trying to help.

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Hi !
Just to share. that Glasswire (1.2.100) seems to work fine with PureVPN Windows Client on my Windows 10 (creators update).

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