'Glasswire' Why High Disk-usage while using the utorrent?

i m using ‘glasswire free’ for last 3 days and is a good monitoring app…

but there is huge problem with the disk-usage

when i start using utorrent …the disk usage is almost 95%
and sometimes the laptop hangs

it is a huge drawback of this app

Bittorrent hits huge numbers of hosts simultaneously and GlassWire graphs it, so it does use more resources. You can go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “incognito”. Meanwhile we’re making changes to GlassWire for 2.0 to solve this permanently.

i m waiting for 2.0…

2.0 will have a setting to disable host monitoring, which is basically the same as Incognito (but instead it’ll keep an overall graph history). So if you wanted to continue using GlassWire in Incognito mode it will have the same solution.

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do 2.0 have the feature of ignore the monitoring of specific app.

1.0 has it, but it’s a paid feature. It’s called “hide app activity” but it still monitors the data, it just doesn’t show it on the graph so I think it wouldn’t solve your problem.

incognito mode does the similar thing right … that do not solve the problem

are there any other solution of this problem “torrent high disk usage”?

good customer support

Did you try Incognito mode? It solves the problem, but it does not keep logs of your traffic. Please try. Sorry for the confusion.

It also depends on hardware. Most Torrent users can use GlassWire as is and we have found we’re able to use it without unreasonable resource usage on our own setups, but I guess it depends on how many things you are downloading or seeding simultaneously.

i have tried Incognito mode …
same result…
on using the torrent app …speed of copying files become slow…also zip & rar files decompression speed falls …due to high disk usage
after closing the torrent app competently …all things works normal.

If you install GlassWire again using our “clean” install option, does it help? It will clear your history/settings, but it might help.

i tried the clean installation but there is no change…

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