Glasswire/Windows Firewall or Bitdefender Firewall?

Hello Folks,

I use Glasswire since one month and I’m very happy with it. My question is about the firewall function. I have also Bitdefender Total Security on my machine. But the firewall inside of Bitdefender shows me not enough information as Glasswire does. So can I trust the Glasswire firewall over the Bitdefender firewall? Now I have deactivated the Bitdefender firewall and activate the Windows (8.1) firewall with Glasswire. But I have not a good feeling because the Windows own built firewall seem not so secure to me.

What is your opinion about that?


Windows Firewall is used by 1.25 billion people world-wide. We would trust something that has been used by over a billion people more than a third party firewall. Not that there is something wrong with Bitdefender, I’m sure it’s great but I also feel there is nothing wrong with Windows firewall and disabling it to use a third party firewall is not so great. Please note GlassWire does not disable the Windows firewall.

Download GlassWire for free and give it a try:

Thank you for your answers. I think you are booth on the right side :wink:

The problem described at the 7Tutorial site is also known to me, the windows firewall don’t look down all of the ports also the stealth mode works not correctly on some PC’s. On the other side on most machines it works. :confused:

If I understand it correct, Glasswire is more a front-end for the windows own firewall? To me I deactivated now the windows firewall and go with Bitdefender Total Security and Heimdal Pro as second security layer. Glasswire I use for monitoring, it’s best in class!

p.s. the “best” firewall to me was the AtGuard which is since some years part - or better say base - of the Norton Internet Security.

Me, right now, I am using 360 total security and glasswire. nothing else. I dont use GW to block viruses, for that I have 360 plugin and a good counsciousness :smiley: hehehhe.
basicaly, I am only using GW for the notifications of new programs that connect to the internet showing on my desktop. I dont use it to block, neither defend my PC. to block connection I use NetBalancer. my antivirus detects the virus already.

I dont need a firewall, I am careful of what I do, and I visit a lot of unknown websites. my defenses just work this way:

360TS plugin is the first line of defense online, since it scans all websites for malware. if any malware passes through, I just have 360TS, scanning any file I download, warning me and removing automatically the virus. for searching all the computer for virus 360TS does it with 360 cloud, KVMII AI engine and for offline mode bitdefender and avira engines.

what could I wish more than that?? ho yes, I wish a thing more than that, a NASA antivirus hehehe :smiley:

Hey Joao,

you trust a china made security suite? Wow! :grinning: Since Edward Snowden I have rethink computer and internet security completely new. Questions like: “Can you trust a US or China made security application?”, “Can you trust Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo (to count only some of them)?”. The answer is a “sometimes”. Hackers are often paid by governments, Malware is backed by many company’s to fulfill their need for Big Data.

So what is now Security? Will your defense work against hackers and the own government? Shows your security software the NSA, FBI (and here for Germany - the BND) Trojans? Many vendors have a deal and don’t show it. So it’s a simple game, US software will not show their own Trojans, China software hides his own and the EU do the game nothing different. A stupid game of fear.

Sorry for my mostly political colored answer. I hope the staff of GlassWire will not be a part of this game and shows these critical applications.

Finally I will say, the most security suites protects you good enough from “unknown” hackers and viruses but let you nearly defenseless against the governments own.

I am not worried about being hacked, it was long ago where I was a maniac for security. now I am a maniac for privacy. I have windows 10 pro. its cool, but it has INUMEROUS privacy problems. on the first week with W10, I already tweaked the windows registry, erased some files, etc… If you put it that way, you will correct several ways that hackers can use to invade your computer. for example, hackers can’t invade my computer through remote connections, they are blocked, so nothing goes in or out through that.

this is my set of privacy/security:

  • tweaks: I made, manually and using a software specially made for windows 10 to erase and disable cortana, remote connections, etc, etc. at total, I made registry changes and erased/blocked files. so now, I cant even enable cortana through the menu. I need to un-do some tweaks I made to be able to enable cortana again. thats an example. now, the majority of the things under settings>system/update and security/privacy (and here you have 14 things to disable if you want privacy, and that not even 1/3 of what I did)/… say that some definitions are managed by your organization.
  • 360TS will search my computer using the cloud or offline engines.
  • GW, well, in my computer is useless, since I always let things come and go, I dont block programs through GW, I only use it for the notifications showing on the corner all time and because it shows what server is the program connected to heheheh, so I can block the program through hosts file.
  • NetBalancer is the program I use to block connections. for example, sometimes windows update is updating, downloading updates. but, I want to play a online game or watch a video online, so I go to NB and block the download and upload connection for windows update and its done. its like a firewall xd.
  • advanced system care is the program I use to erase spyware, errors, junk files, etc.
  • system explorer is a program to search the running processes for some virus masked as explorer.exe or svchost for example.
  • softorganizer is the program I am actually using thanks to the user Duncan. I was using advanced uninstaller pro (free program) but it has a lack in some parts of the program. so I trade it for softorganizer. since you can monitorize an instalation and search for the remains, it means more privacy. it also let you know when updates are available for the software you have installed.
  • driver booster 2 (from Iobit) well as the name says, update drivers. drivers updated = less failures that = to more security and privacy.

softorganizer, advanced system care and driver booster are worthy buying.

Hey Joao,

what for a answer :slight_smile: Thank You for giving me such enormous informations. I have check all the apps and found Softorganizer a usefull addition to my system. The other apps functions are doubled with Bitdefender Total Security and Heimdal Pro. I think watching three apps is enought work :slight_smile:

Have some nice days…

yeah, I was talking only about free software and well, spoken about softorganizer, ASC and DB because are really good programs and the only ones I actually bought. I dont buy neither bitdefender, kaspersky, avira, avast, neither firewalls becouse I am not going to sell my kidney to buy a total security suite… 80€ (live in europe) or more for 1year of subscription?? that’s almost the price of a new windows disc instalation (in my country around 120€)… I prefer free software, even if I need to use a million programs, they are cheaper hahaha, and last forever :stuck_out_tongue:

and about what you said, bit defender is not the best thing to have in a computer… I read the test reports of AVtest and AVComparatives… right now the best antivirus seems to be avira, but it can change next evaluation… also, I started to use those softwares while I have Avast internet security, use those softwares as extra out of the box protection, not as my security, and trust me, i’ve catched a lot of lammers with system explorer xd that Avast internet security could not catch, not even noticed them. I am not trying to make you install these softs, i am trying just to make you understand that antivirus are not 100% secure, so, if your antivirus its rated as 97% about detenction, using other software can increase that rate to 99.9% in the best case. but its an option, I need them becouse of the “type” of websites I visit, from facebook to geek websites and from that to possible hackers sites…

anyway, I will not bother you anymore. and good choice, softorganizer is really good!