Glasswire with a VPN?


Hi. Is there a tutorial to configure a VPN, that I bought, with Glasswire? I need a tutorial for router and Android device.


There is nothing that needs to be done with GlassWire to use a VPN.


Works flawlessly for me, I’ve used both OpenVPN, and the default ExpressVPN application and both work just fine. I love GW with OpenVPN, I couldn’t get it to connect with either SimpleWall or TinyWall when performing testing.


Just to add a related comment on this topic, I use a VPN with GlassWire without issue here.

My VPN auto connects at boot, but is configured to prevent any network connections while it is connecting to the remote VPN server (or any time that the VPN connection drops).

So GlassWire usually launches before my VPN, and connects to the local server, then my VPN launches and GlassWire then indicates the internet connection loss in the Alerts (due to my VPN doing its thing). This is followed by my VPN completing the connection, and then GlassWire resuming normal activity. The network is fully monitored by GlassWire while I am using my VPN.

This handshaking or toggling, or whatever you want to call it, seems to work fine here! I feel like I am covered from boot up time! No leaks here!