Glasswire with a VPN?

Hi. Is there a tutorial to configure a VPN, that I bought, with Glasswire? I need a tutorial for router and Android device.

There is nothing that needs to be done with GlassWire to use a VPN.


Works flawlessly for me, I’ve used both OpenVPN, and the default ExpressVPN application and both work just fine. I love GW with OpenVPN, I couldn’t get it to connect with either SimpleWall or TinyWall when performing testing.

Just to add a related comment on this topic, I use a VPN with GlassWire without issue here.

My VPN auto connects at boot, but is configured to prevent any network connections while it is connecting to the remote VPN server (or any time that the VPN connection drops).

So GlassWire usually launches before my VPN, and connects to the local server, then my VPN launches and GlassWire then indicates the internet connection loss in the Alerts (due to my VPN doing its thing). This is followed by my VPN completing the connection, and then GlassWire resuming normal activity. The network is fully monitored by GlassWire while I am using my VPN.

This handshaking or toggling, or whatever you want to call it, seems to work fine here! I feel like I am covered from boot up time! No leaks here!


I am using Ivacy VPN with Glasswire and it works absolutely fine. Configured OpenVPN as well as Ivacy, both were properly configured.

I use ZenMate and everything is working well. I think that this website can be used withour VPN.

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I think OpenVPN can be a good choice

Hi psandra. I’m sure there are people in GW who are willing to help you out. Found this " GW’s Android Help" page that might help but haven’t found about Routers. Maybe this general idea of setting up in router might shed light.

I won’t recommend any VPN that you should go for, however if you are still willing to use a VPN please don’t go for any FREE VPN :confused:

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There is no requirement for setting up a VPN especially for glasswire but if you still want to use a VPN encryption on your browsing and on your other devices as well, then I would recommend you to set up a VPN on your router your multiple devices and browsing in few clicks.

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GlassWire appears to count your bandwidth twice when using PIA VPN. Under hosts it’s showing my PIA VPN assigned ip. I confirmed while downloading a 2 gig file, it shows 4 gigs to be incoming, which is incorrect. I guess you can “hide app” so it doesn’t get counted.


A VPN will use more data due to encryption used with the connection. It depends on the encryption type on how much extra bandwidth will be used.

You can use “hide app” as you suggest, that’s true.

Thats a great point. I didn’t consider the encryption overhead. I guess in the data plan settings its easiest to subtract 10% from the traffic amount to account for it.

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I configure it with Express and Pure and it works smoothly. Secondly, I do not suggest to go with free vpn, they are cheaters. But you can test 7 days trial of PureVPN.


You are absolutely right. You should never use a free VPN.

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Thank You to agree with

It activates a VPN when you block an app. If you have all the apps unblocked glasswire’s vpn disappears.


That’s correct. We do that to keep the resources light with your phone. If you’re not actively blocking something then we don’t have the VPN running, but it will turn on immediately if you do decide to block.

That was what I was thinking. Thanks for the confirmation.

I’ve used Glasswire for a few years now, and I use it to monitor my network traffic. I’m not sure if it is the best tool for this, but it does its job well enough. I have not noticed any problems with using Glasswire alongside a VPN service. I don’t see any noticeable performance degradation when using either one of these products together.

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