Glasswire with VPN?


Does Glasswire works with PrivatoriaVPN on Android ?


@Andrew_Brown We are unfamiliar with that VPN service.


@Ken_GlassWire - Is it possible to configure vpn and glasswire firewall simultaneously in any VPN? or is there any Android limitation



I believe it is an Android limitation, or a VPN limitation.


@Ken thanks for stopping by :slightly_smiling_face: any VPN you suggest that works along with Glasswire


I tested PIA recently and it worked with GlassWire.


@Ken_GlassWire Thanks very much for the information but I don’t use PIA :pensive:



It’s OK. Every VPN should work great with GlassWire. GlassWire for Windows just monitors network activity and is not a VPN itself.


Honestly using a VPN, with a Firewall on an Android Device is a bit overkill. The VPN will literally encrypt all network traffic, and that even goes for applications that phone home, all the home will receive is encrypted data so if the VPN uses a secure encryption protocol then you are G2G :smiley:

Versus in a Windows/Linux/OS X Environment the Firewall could be used to layer your security, blocking ports a mobile phone ddoesn’t use in the first place.