Glasswire won't monitor hotspot

I’m running 2.0.324r on lolipop Samsung J2000

For phone only monitoring it goes fine

But when I try to monitor my mobile hotspot usage, it won’t count it

So whenever when my device hotspot is turned on, I must manually monitor trough my carrier’s app to know how much data left, and update the glasswire like it doesn’t know how much data used


We are almost done with a complete rewrite of our app. The update should be out in around 30 days.

Normally I’d ask for phone details so we can fix the bug but we’ve literally rewritten our app from scratch due to Android changes that were outside our control. I am confident the update will solve your issue permanently.

Please be on the lookout for the update in the next month or so and thanks for your patience.

I can test the beta version for you if you want , I joined beta program in google play also.

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If you joined our beta program on Google Play then you’ll be automatically enrolled when the update goes out. Thanks for your help!

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I am using GlassWire on Samsung Note 10 Plus and facing the same issue i.e no data monitoring for Hotspot. Is this any solution?


GlassWire works great for hotspot monitoring.

If you go into your phone’s settings and check your data usage there, does your data match up with ours or not? Do you use any other security apps that may be blocking our permissions? If so, try uninstalling GlassWire, reboot, then reinstall and accept all needed permissions.

Actually it doesn’t match and there is a big difference. I will uninstall and reinstall and see I’d that helps. By the way I have checked the permissions of GlassWire and it only ask for ‘Phone’ which was allowed.


Strange. It should be technically impossible for your phone to have different stats from us because the API we use to gather data allows us to gather it directly from your phone. That’s how GlassWire can have data from before when it was installed on your phone.

When I have seen this issue it has always been because a third party app somehow blocks the “phone” permission we need to access the data usage API.

Technical details of why we need that permission are here.

I have Uninstalled and reinstalled it.
The data consumed in my phone setting is 1.1 GB.
The data shown in GlassWire is 607.7 MB.

I have checked the data consumption on my service provide app and its around 1.2 GB which is comparable to the data shown in my settings.

GlassWire shows the tethering data 412.2 MB.

Just for your info, I have eset and ad lock installed if tgat gives you any insight.


I will report these details to my team and we’ll see if we can figure it out.

Our app should simply grab the data usage stats from the phone and then show them. I don’t understand how it can show different data somehow.