Glasswire won't monitor hotspot

I’m running 2.0.324r on lolipop Samsung J2000

For phone only monitoring it goes fine

But when I try to monitor my mobile hotspot usage, it won’t count it

So whenever when my device hotspot is turned on, I must manually monitor trough my carrier’s app to know how much data left, and update the glasswire like it doesn’t know how much data used


We are almost done with a complete rewrite of our app. The update should be out in around 30 days.

Normally I’d ask for phone details so we can fix the bug but we’ve literally rewritten our app from scratch due to Android changes that were outside our control. I am confident the update will solve your issue permanently.

Please be on the lookout for the update in the next month or so and thanks for your patience.

I can test the beta version for you if you want , I joined beta program in google play also.

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If you joined our beta program on Google Play then you’ll be automatically enrolled when the update goes out. Thanks for your help!

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