Glasswire's Firewall won't turn on because "Avast Premier" disabled Window's firewall, but Avast has been uninstalled days ago


Glasswire’s firewall won’t turn on saying that Avast disabled Window’s firewall but I uninstalled Avast days ago?
I also checked in Window’s Defender settings and the firewall is turned on.

Thank you in advance,


Perhaps something is left over with Avast. If you go to add/remove programs are you still nothing is there? If you are sure, you could try this:

Uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs.

Go to the “Windows Firewall” control panel and choose “restore defaults”

Reboot (important!!)

Reinstall GlassWire using its “clean install” option along with its “reset firewall” option.

If the GlassWire un/re-install doesn’t work check the startup type and status of Windows Defender Firewall in the Services management console (run services.msc).

Those should be Automatic and Running.