Glasswire's Repaired Unlimited History - Thank You

The newest release of GW (2.1.157) has the Unlimited History working quite well, now. It is very useful to be able to access my data usage during any arbitrary time period throughout all the time I have been using GW. As well, I think it would be especially useful to also be able to see the year associated with the beginning and end dates of a custom date range (say, December 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018). Currently, such a selection does not clearly display the years involved, in the main window. The only place the years are shown at all is in the small font on the date-slider timeline associated with the view. I think it wouldn’t hurt to see the years more clearly displayed at the top of the window. (See screen shots)

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Ditto on the Thank You!!

RDP detection is a plus, too.