Glasswire's website checker tool

Hello everyone :wave:
I think there was a page on the official glasswire’s website that you could enter an IP address and it shows you a set of information about that.
for example when I enter, it shows me the open ports of this IP, security level and etc…

Where is this page right now? or maybe I’m wrong and it was another website!


Usage-Hosts : hover your mouse over the host and you would get the information you need

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Thank you. I looking for this page:

With Glasswire’s help, I was able to block two Trojans: IP IP

A large web host server might host 35,000+ websites … don’t think anyone can track all the malware that might be running through it … so server might check out okay and it doesn’t mean much. I could be wrong, but just my impression.

I use:

  • The uBlock Origin plugin in my browser with the many filter lists it offers, to prevent me from connecting to a known malware website:
    Dashboard: Filter lists · gorhill/uBlock Wiki · GitHub

  • GlassWire to only allow trusted programs to connect to the network.

  • AV software to hopefully catch anything that might get past these lines of defense.

There is not just a simple silver bullet solution for online security, and I would not rely solely on a website checker. It’s just another tool.

I also keep my hard drive image backed up and offline, ready to restore if necessary.

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