Goodbye Glasswire Forum

I have been unable to reply to posts while I have been able to reply to other posts. There is no rhyme or reason. I may or may not get a popup announcing the post needs moderation wherein the posts never get approved.

I currently had two post awaiting approval for over a week, now deleted.

A post I made on August 28 sat for 18 days when on September 13 I sent an email to help@ wherein the reply on the 16th was “I will forward your 18 days approval remark to our R&D department…” A few days later, I deleted the post.

I sent two emails to a product manager @securellc which remain unanswered, the second with “The courtesy of a reply will be greatly appreciated.”

Compounding the issue here is the proliferation here of replies to years-old posts with stunningly irrelevant and/or nonsensical context. Many to posts that were… resolved! I have made the product manager aware of this.

As a Legacy Elite (lifetime) user since 2015, I know I’m a cost center to SecureMix LLC, but I have been posting here since 2015 with a lifelong experience in the industry. See my profile. On Wilders Security as member Surt, I am one of GW’s most prolific fans.

While I had a good time with the betas I’ve been invited to, my reports about this latest one (2.4 & 3.0) have remained unanswered. Or I am informed the version I’m using is a beta and instructed on how to perform the exact same exact function I reported, in great detail, that failed…

Noting that GW’s blog page got a dozen posts since July 18, the latest September 17, I don’t understand the dearth of support here or help@.

I hope GW never dies. If it does, or upon unacceptable evolution, it will have been “A good run.”

New posters are reluctant to start a new topic, so they look for an existing topic that seems to be close to their problem. That happens on every message board. They just have to learn.

I gotcha with that point for many new posters, but the OP’s comment was in regards to a recent wave of replies to dead posts with nonsensical attempts at out-of-context, “expert” advice to resolve a question, which in many cases were resolved years ago.

The posts almost appeared as if a spam “bot” had generated the replies… the same user account would appear for a day here or there and reply in this manner to like a dozen old threads.