Google Analytics Block

Is there any way to use the Firewall to block Google Analytics without blocking Google Search?


There is no way to block Google Analytics with GlassWire currently. We are actively working on host blocking.

Thank you. I cannot write the code but I’d be happy to help you with the testing. This could set GlassWire in a class by itself! I’m new to GlassWire but am sold on it already.

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Most browsers have this built in now. For example Brave browser.
Or just use a third party plug-in like Disconnect.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hello Ken,

Does this mean this feature is no longer in development?


It does not mean host blocking is no longer in development, but if i was going to block Google Analytics a much faster and more reliable way would probably be to use a browser extension in my opinion.

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100% agree, just curious when host blocking may drop. But I know it’s in the works, best of luck!

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+1 for the Disconnect extension in the browser. It blocks trackers like Google Analytics by default. As a bonus, the “Visualize page” view gives you a visual diagram of all the sites that were contacted when you loaded the page, including blocked and unblocked sites.

A real eye opener!

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YES - Get Congress and Senate to Pass a law, they have passed none and this thing of stealing your private information and sending it to unknown parties is for the BIRDS. Need to Teach Congress what a WEB Browser is first!