GoToMyPC as a traffic type

When looking at the Usage Tab under Traffic Type I am seeing GoToMyPC listed even though I have not installed it on my system. Would this point to a backdoor in my system or is there a legitimate explanation for it?

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If you go to add/remove programs and it’s not there, perhaps it’s an error with our traffic detection. We use an API to detect traffic types and it’s usually accurate, but nothing is perfect.

Is there another similar app on your PC that could use similar technology? For example a video or phone conferencing type of software?

Out of curiosity I checked my very long history with GlassWire just now to see if that traffic type shows up at all, or in error and it did not show up at all for me on my own PC.

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It would be useful to know what is shown in the other columns in the Usage view, i.e. the application(s) and the host(s).

This information should indicate if this is actually GoToMyPC because there should be some LogMeIn/GoToMyPC server IP addresses. If it is GoToMyPC, the application will indicate if this is the GoToMyPC host with an installed application or a GoToMyPC remote system using a web browser.

Great points @Remah! Why didn’t I think of that? :face_with_monocle:

It is after all the entire point of GlassWire, to find and solve weird things like this… :+1: