Graph embedded in Windows taskbar (Windows 11 Preview)

how can i monitor my network speed on my taskbar. i know there’s a feature called “Mini Viewer” but that’s i think useless bcuz that unconvenient of other opened windows, we should move other windows over and over. when it could be reality, i wish and i need it.
i do another idea, i move the mini viewer to back of my taskbar, but it’s didn’t work, bcuz when i was restart my PC the mini viewer move to the center of the screen.

i know it’s rude criticism, i’m really upset bcuz the developer don’t listen my suggestion or my request, fuck with your software!.


Wow, is that Windows 11? Looks like GlassWire is working there for you even though it’s still an early beta. That’s great!

Sorry for the issue with the taskbar. Someone else recently posted a similar question and they mentioned that Windows recently updated so it’s now impossible for 3rd party apps to add graphs to the taskbar, so the apps that used to do that are now broken unfortunately.

As soon as Windows gives a way to embed a graph into the Windows taskbar we will definitely add that ability. Thanks for your feedback.

This article confirms this situation. It says “Apps can no longer customize areas of the Taskbar”.