Graph showing the wrong value as gigabytes bandwidth consumption

the Apps graph consuming bandwidth shown the wrong value when I’m streaming. my internet is only 100mbps…


What’s “AndyConsole”? I searched Google and found a few things, but I could not find anything with that icon so I’m not sure what it is.

Is it possible “AndyConsole” downloads on your LAN? If so that would explain it. It’s probably local traffic.

Here is an article that helps explain how our graph shows data usage.

Andy is an Android OS virtual machine running as guest on top of my Windows 10. This is an android virtual machine running in PC instead from android phone or tablet just to be able to run all android apps in PC.

I’m streaming TV shows like Showbox apps that’s only consuming 4mbps simultaneously. from my bandwidth monitoring tool DU Meter its accurate that’s consumed 4 to 5mbps from continues streaming. its really strange where did glasswire got this huge amount of values 1.6gb? and if you see the graph on right side at the top, AndyConsole 200mb. what does mean for that and 1.6gb?


Where can we download the “Andy” software to test this?

I wonder if it’s traffic between your PC and the VM that GlassWire is counting? We’d like to check it out and see. Thanks for your report.

wonder why the limit for my network card is only 1gbps and base on that the virtual network card used by Andy OS were the same capacity. whether LAN or WAN it should not be more than the capacity of the network card as 1gbps.


I had some more time to review your screenshot.

Your network is 100mbps which is the same as 12.5 MB per second. I see that the 2 minute interval is selected on the graph. So 12,5 * 60 * 2 = 1500 MB was transferred, which is about 1.6GB. So it’s correct.

Check this out for more info