Graph tab - choose Internal, External or Both?

Hello, I’m evaluating GlassWire. I sure hope I’m missing something…is it not possible to filter the Graph tab based on Internal Traffic, External, or both? (like the Usage tab --> Options offers). Because I’m transferring files back and forth to my NAS, it causes major spikes for internal traffic qty, and thereby makes the graph pretty much useless for seeing internet traffic, as any internet traffic is dwarfed by the internal traffic.

If this is not available, could this be added?

Thanks very much.


To solve this problem we have a “Hide App Activity” option for paid users. Go to the “Graph” tab then click “Apps” then click on the icon of the app you want to hide, then click the “Hide App” button.

If you don’t have the paid version of GlassWire you can buy it here