Graph Throughput Measure

When the Graph tab is displayed, in the upper left there is a notation of the maximum throughput level that that is displayed. For most time periods (Week, Month, etc.) that notation is “Max”. For “5 Min” and “3 Hrs”, right now that notation on my machinge shows the limit of the highest line (level) shown. For instance, having just re-started Glasswire, mine is showing 10MB/s and 2MB/s respectively.

It would be very helpful if “Max” was replaced by the actual line level (bandwidth level) being shown. As it is, I must find the maximum throughput level shown on the graph, narrow in to that time and click on the chart to display in the timeline below what that throughput level was. Then I can make sense of then entire period shown.

With only “Max” showing, I could be looking at my 3 Hr graph and see that the chart limit is 10 MB/s and then switch directly to my 6 Mon chart and either think that I have no major issue or else I must narrow in as described and discovered that during one brief period my actual throughput was 4GB/s. Instead of Max, that notification should be showing 10GB/s.

Expanding to the full 3 month period in which I have been using Glasswire, that Max in the 6 Mon chart, should be showing 60GB.

Sure, we mostly know what is going on in any individual machine and I know that when I started, I had several major downloads that we 37GB, 31GB, 4GB and 3GB. But I have to integrate my knowledge of each machine (good luck with 3 or more computers probably at different locations with different users) and focus in on particular “highs” to get information that should be shown on the graph. Glasswire obviously “knows” those values as it is properly displaying the throughput on the graph for whatever time period being displayed. Capture that and display the info needed on the graph.

And frankly, instead of “Max”, I would rather there be no notation or “???”. Max is misleading because it is likely different from one time period to the other. Thinking further, “Max” implies the largest known throughput for whatever is the total time of this Glasswire installation.

Thanks, Rich

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Thanks. We are looking for ways to improve the graph and we’ll discuss your idea.