Graph Vertical Zoom

My Download speed is circa 200 Mbps, which means that any routine up/downloads of smaller chunks of data are barely noticeable (and almost impossible to quickly identify) when there’s a large download ‘spike’.

I may be missing something here, but is there a way to zoom in/out in the vertical scale? If not, can you please implement this?

Also, it would be useful if the vertical scale had 4 or 5 intermediate values listed, rather than just the maximum value. It would also be useful if the vertical scale units could be selected between MB/s, Mbps, Kbps etc.!

Otherwise, a great product thanks!

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Thank you for your feedback. What time interval are you using GlassWire with? If you use 5 minutes or 3 hours with the sliders slid far right then the graph should auto-scale so it’s still useful.

We’re changing how scaling works a little in our next update to make it more useful.

Copied Ken, thanks. I like the horizontal scaling with the sliders, but a manual vertical zoom would be very useful!

…A facility to zoom by clicking and dragging a box (or ‘rubber-banding’) around a region is perhaps what I mean. A right click could zoom out to the previous zoom setting. This facility provides the user with total flexibility and would be awesome.

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