Great program but

Weird issue. I love glasswire. The last time I enjoyed a new program this much was when I installed the Redshift plugin for Cinema 4D. I mean, my motherlovin sidebar was communicating to the mothership. Within two days I had sixteen programs blocked.

So I went to the website with the Linus Tech Tips sale price ready to plop down my money to upgrade. Only thing is, there was nothing on the upgrade I wanted. I mean, I kinda wanted the new skins but not for 40 bucks or whatever. Besides, the neon with purple and orange is gorgeous and totally works with my systems look.

I tell you what I would pay 40 bucks for, the minigraph and the alerts page. But they’re free.

So I’m going to just give some feedback. As a professional artist one of the things you learn is to properly value your work. Everywhere I look it seems like the glasswire peeps sweat the details and were obsessed with building best possible software they can build. And I got it for free. And believe me, I’m going to tell people about this software. But how do I honestly not add, ‘oh just get the free version, it’s got everything you’ll need.’ So how does my buzz help. I’m just sayin.


Thanks for your feedback. GlassWire has a free 7 day trial you’re probably a part of, so I think that’s why you don’t see any features you’d want to pay for.

Sorry if I am misunderstanding and sorry about any confusion with the trial.

Oddly, that makes me happy.

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The app will alert you when the trial ends. I’m glad you are enjoying the trial and sorry for the confusion. We will see how we can improve the free/trial info in the future. Perhaps we should make it say “Trial” with a count down in the main UI somewhere.