Guide to setup VPN with Glasswire

Is there any official documentation available to understand how to setup any/specific VPN service with the glasswire firewall on windows desktop ?


Thanks for using GlassWire.

What are you trying to do exactly?

If you just want to use a VPN while using GlassWire you should be able to use your VPN and GlassWire simultaneously on Windows with no issues.

hey @Ken_GlassWire,

sorry for the late reply. Yeah it worked simply, i missed something before it seems :smiley:

Hello, what VPN are you using?

it was ‘Proton VPN’, Do you have some similar issue ?

I have not heard about any issues with Proton and GlassWire. You should just be able to run ProtonVPN as usual. If you find an issue please let me know.

The only problems we see with VPN services are Nord. They bypass Windows Firewalls for some reason with no warning. I read about it on Reddit and other forums after a few customers complained.

The solution is to use your built in Windows software to connect to Nord.

In fact if you ever have an issue with GlassWire and a VPN almost all major VPN providers let you use the built in Windows software (or Mac/Android software) if you prefer. The built in OS VPN software is almost always more secure and works better in my opinion.

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@Ken_GlassWire, you were correct, i have no actual issues.
Just wanted to check with @Smorko on the same, that’s it.

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I am thinking of buying Proton. Good to know that there are no issues.