GW crashes browsers & system

GW is consistently crashing my browsers (FireFox & Chrome) and even my system (Windows 10 Enterprise). When can we expect a more stable version to come out?

GlassWire does not interact with browsers at all. Can you try uninstalling GlassWire and rebooting and see if you still experience the crashing?

What error do you see when you crash? Is there a certain set of steps we can do to recreate the crash? If so please let us know more details so we can investigate. Thanks!

My apologies as I should have been more precise. The driver GW utilizes causes crashes, not sure if specific to my running wireless or not.
My browsers would crash spontaneously whenever they felt like it and then my system would crash with a system exception on the GW driver. My system is an AMD based quad-core APU with 16 Gb’s RAM.
I uninstalled right after my post and have had no crashes since…Just trying to help out here as I was testing for purposes of my company, but certainly do not wish to introduce something which causes instability…

If you could message the crash dump to me privately or to our helpdesk we’d appreciate it.

Also we’re currently working on a major new update of GlassWire so perhaps if you email our helpdesk we could send you that version if you’re interested. The new update uses less resources.

While I certainly appreciate the fact your team is working on a new version, I don’t know if now would be the time for me to be running beta software.
My base machine has more than enough system resources to handle most anything and for your gwsys driver to be crashing consistently (and taking my desktop with it) doesn’t instill me with much confidence.
As I stated before I have been testing several different solutions and as we will be delivering it to several thousand systems, my IT guys might get a little pissed at me if I force them to deal with something still buggy.

We hope to have the major new update out to the public in a week or two. Perhaps that would be a good time for you to try GlassWire again. GlassWire’s stability is extremely important and if GlassWire is not stable for you we’d appreciate any information you could give so we could fix it, like information about your system or ways to recreate the crash.

Of course if you don’t want to post it to the public you can send it to me here privately or email our helpdesk.