Gw Fail 2 start Windows 10 Update?


Just a bit of info… Mayb some folks have some thoughts on what I have noticed.

Win10 64
Single drive Hdd…
Linksys Wrt 3200ACM

Have paid Pro version of GW…

Have recently noticed that when W10 starts a forced update from boot, GW services appear to start, but the Gui will not. I get a blacked out icon in the tray. I try to connect & nothing happens… From my perspective, it seems that this occurs for me at least ever time W10 updates. In addition, when the forced update is done & i reboot, GW will start, but I have to re-enter the key every time to get back to Pro ver. Additionally, I have to reenter the settings area to Unlock the Alerts section again…

Is this something W10 does while updating to prevent recording of address DL sites or do they just want complete control while updating.?


Wonder your thought…



I have not seen this reported before (with problems with every Windows update), but when I did the Windows Creators update myself GlassWire would no longer start for me. I then uninstalled GlassWire, rebooted, then did a “clean” install using the GlassWire installer and I haven’t had a problem since with any other Windows updates.