GW fw is malfunctioned after major updates of Win11 or VPN s/w

It seems that the new Surfshark VPN made Glasswire firewall blocking nothing in Win11. But only Block All still functions normally. It seems Glasswire firewall is not blocking well.

Any idea to make Glasswire firewall work?

When I reinstall the previous version 3.3.664, the firewall works again now. I dare not to update to 3.3.678.

However it updates itself back to 3.3.678 in the background after a while, and it is working fine now.

I wonder if the issue was from Culmulate Update 23H2 of Win11. So GW fw should be monitored for its stability after any major updates.

The fw is malfunctioned again though it looks running normally. It still prompted to ask to connect, but all blocked apps won’t be blocked silently which is shocking!!! There is no any software installation or uninstallation before this happened. BTW I’m using a paid version GW.

Finally GW fw is functioning after having uninstalled Surfshark VPN. They have conflict.