GW Usage Tab Blank

I noticed a couple of days ago that the usage section of GW is blank since the beginning of April. Apps and traffic is coming and going but nothing showing up under usage? Settings are the same as they were from the get-go.


How long approximately was your GlassWire history? Did you upgrade from GlassWire 1 to GlassWire 2.0? Perhaps the database was somehow corrupted?

If you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” what version does it say you have? Thanks.

Version 2.0.84 here, last updated weeks ago (that I know of). Saw this in the eMail Summary and realized I haven’t been seeing Alerts. Mine go back to Jan 1, and stop on Mar 30. I just intentionally (should have) triggered one and it was ignored. But my Graph and Usage are current - so maybe this has nothing to do with the previous report.

Wait! I just realized the version is saying “Free” but I paid Dec 11 17… And saw the paid version working. Still, the free version showed Alerts…

Re-Activated, restarted, still no Alerts after March 30. Any clues?

Hi @Ken_GlassWire Thank you for your quick response. I figured out why my “Usage” was not showing up. It was that I was in the incognito mode. Once I took it off, the usage appeared. Thanks

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@LorenAmelang Are you in Incognito?

Are you in Incognito?

No, not at all. But Alerts are back since I installed your update…

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