GWIdlMon.exe.xxxx.dmp and Asus Strix sound card (Sonic Studio)


Just recently got an Asus Strix Soar sound card. GlassWire is peppering my desktop with dump files.

I have read all the similar posts and it might be related to Nahimic although I don’t have it specifically installed. I see that one of the files in the Strix driver folder is called NahimicSettingsControl.sxs.manifest. I have two installs of windows on separate hard drives and they are both showing the problem.

Windows 10 Pro 1607 14393.321
Asus Strix audio driver v1.1.10 Beta (latest driver)

Here is a dropbox link to the dmp file.


Delete the xx above in the link.

Could you please help me resolve this problem.


Nahimic’s issue was fixed on their end. Could you try updating to the latest drivers for that card and see if it solves it?

Unfortunately the Nahimic components are part of the Asus Strix driver and I cannot change them. Please take a look at the dmp file to see if it is not related as I took a look in Visual Sudio and could not pin point the cause.


We fixed this problem. Please email our contact page with the subject “ASUS” to test a new version.