Help go get glasswire and Synology up and running!


I have just ordered glasswire pro, and I like it so far, but how can I monitor my Synology 1515+ network speed (Upload and download) ???

I I’m a mega noob, and I need some help with it…

I have tried this:

Local PC (the PC from which we are going to connect to the remote PC from):
Open Settings\Server List;
Click “Add new server” and select it on the “Server list”;
Type the name of the server;
Type the IP address of the remote server; Go to a site like link from the remote server if you’re not sure what its IP is. Next enter the IP address of your remote server. Please see the note above about “Custom Ports” if you use one.

But there is only a place to enter username??? not password in the server tab

My guess will also be I need to install a packed on the Synology ?? But where to find this???


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Unfortunately we don’t support Synology. We’ll check it out and see if we can add support in the future, thank you.

Any news regarding support with Synology NAS?

I’d guess that a package for Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) will require need a Linux version of GlassWire to exist and that looks a long way off:

The Mac version is not expected until later in 2019 so the Linux version is even further away:

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It would be cool to have Glasswire on a Synology NAS.

Really the only work around I can think of possibly is setting up a Windows proxy and funnel all network traffic from the NAS with Glasswire installed on the Windows proxy.

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Anything new in the world of added Glasswire to our NAS?
That is the one system that is always on, I would love for it to be a center “tracking” location.

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I will follow up with our team also. Thanks for bringing this up again.

Hi, is there any update on this request? If not as a native Synology app, could you at least provide a docker version?


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GlassWire, by design, needs to intercept network traffic, while Docker, Podman & co. can in their unrestricted form be configured to do pretty much anything a “normally” running program can, I am not sure if Synology allows this type of access for containers.