Help with firewall this is super urgent

I have a vps I use glasswire on. When I installed I configured it to not open on startup. When I played around with I accidentally clicked on the firewall to block windows host services or something like that and then immediately after it disconnected me and won’t let me connect back. My question is will a simple restart revert things back to normal because it doesn’t turn on at startup or so I need to do anything else???

Thank you.

Sorry for the issue. @Subiwoobi

If your Windows Management ports are enabled you could use psexec and netsh to temporarily remove the firewall rule or disable the firewall long enough for you to get back in.

GlassWire uses the Windows Firewall API for blocking. You could contact your service provider and let them know you have some Windows Firewall rules that you added where you accidentally blocked yourself. They will most likely have a way to access the server and give you access again.

So a simple restart won’t fix it? @Servo_GlassWire


Please try a restart and see if that solves it.

Ok please keep this ticket open @Servo_GlassWireand I will reply to it later today