Help with League of Legends or Game Mode

Hi all, sorry for bad English.

I have a paid version of Glasswire, I love to use it, it is very useful and powerful.
But every time I play LOL, I need to disable firewall protection, which is a breach in my security, just because, if I do not, the LOL application hangs, this application changes the server IP a few times, and this connection, happens when the game is in full screen mode, when the banner shows, asking if I accept this connection (Firewall mode asking me to connect, the best way to use Glasswire, in my opinion), the LOL application freeze and lock, makes me to close all instances of the game and reopen, wasting time and strategy in the game.
So, is there a way to put this app on a white list, which accepts all connections from this app?
Or do you have another option to do something that can help me?

I appreciate any help and apologize for English errors.



If you uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs, then go to your “Windows Firewall” control panel and choose “restore defaults” then reboot, then reinstall GlassWire while checking the “clean install” and “reset firewall” options, does this problem go away?

An early version of GlassWire 2.0 had a bug that could cause this problem with some applications but it should not happen with our latest software. Or, it’s also possible this game does something unusual that causes this to happen and if that’s the case you’ll have to switch GlassWire’s firewall to “Off” while playing.

We use the Windows Firewall API for blocking, so switching our Firewall to “Off” doesn’t disable the Windows Firewall, but it will just disable any blocking GlassWire is doing.

Hello, thanks in advance.
I am using the latest version, and Windows Firewall is not the problem in my opinion, because I have installed the game and tested, before install Glasswire.

I think the problem is the rotation of the server IP from the game, because, the Application check first the server with less latency, before conntect, and as You Know is a famous game, so they have a lot of servers in the world.

The point is about a creation of a rulo for specific application, with in my opinion, is the way to free any coinection, based on a executable name, so this rule, will stop to block the game, also any other application who have multiples IPs for connection.

If have this feature, how can I do this?


Hi there. I have now the same problem. Have you managed to fix it ? This error is freaking me out.


Did you try what was suggested above to solve the issue?

Yes, I did and it still doesn’t work

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please, somebody, help me!!


I will ask our QA to check it and see if we can recreate it. Sorry for the issue.

Thank you, I am waiting for your answer

I had a very same problem with Overwatch. I don’t know why the tips from Ken didn’t help you. It helped me as well. BTW, this problem was really annoying. Glass Wire messed up with my Overwatch and I wasn’t able to play it. Just before that I’ve bought boosting for my hero from one Overwatch boosting service. And I was thinking that the money I’ve spent on it are wasted. But this thread helped me. OP, thank you for starting it. Now I can play with my new boosted hero as much as I want.

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I would love to see a Game or Entertainment Mode that changes the firewall to a preset mode of your choice.

Another worthwhile feature would be an Automatic Learning mode, knowing which apps to trust/allow automatically - which means fewer prompts for the user.

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We are adding a new mode soon with a new feature that should help eliminate unimportant “ask to connect” prompts.

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