"Hide app activity"

what exactly do you mean with that? it is listed on the feature list on the buy page but unlike the other options it doesnt have any explanation on what it exactly does.

In the “Alerts” tab, one can click on the application name and choose “Hide App”.
I tried this out, since i dont want alerts caused by some applications.
But this does not function properly. If i hide one application, the corresponding alerts are showing up under another application. So in the moment this feature is buggy. And yes, i use the current version 1.2.74.


oh I didnt see that feature yet, so essentially it kicks the alerts from that application into oblivion, not bad, I didnt see it yet but it would be certainly good to explude a piece of software only from certain types of alerts and of course having a list of what software has which alerts disabled.

but I would guess that feature is fairly new.

well I thought when the word app was used that is had something to do with the MS Store apps and stuff, lol.

thx4info anyway

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The “hide app” feature hides the app you choose from the graph. So if you’re running a server that constantly uses a lot of bandwidth you can hide it so you can see more important things on the graph easier.

Unfortunately this feature isn’t meant to hide alerts yet for certain apps, but due to popular demand we hope to add this functionality in the future.


oh still intresting but as I said if you want to make it possible to hide software from the alerts please make it possible to disable just certain categories

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