High CPU and Memory Usage

Ive been using GlassWire for months and it uses a lot of my RAM. I looked at others but mine is the highest from what I have seen.

It used 24% of my CPU and 653,196 K of RAM, and I dont torrent.

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High memory usage is something we’re working hard to fix as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting this. You can clear your history or switch to “Incognito mode” to solve the problem for now.

Thats intriguing . I use 2.5 % of my cpu-i7-3770K and 107,253 K of RAM I can see the difference if different CPU,s are used but Ram is RAM and I dont see how there can be a difference of 6X . I delete all temp files caches and history every night.using 4 different programs. If high memory usage is a problem with GW then why dont I suffer from it too ?—Its just occurred to me I have a high performance Nvidia games card (although I dont play games ) its possible the GTX 670- 2GiG is helping with the display and therefore the memory it has built in. IN that case the display would be the cause ??? just a guess .

High CPU usage is still an issue.

Yep, but I’m currently testing a version where it isn’t and we will have it out in January. :+1:

Instead of doing a new thread, I bump this one!

This is still happening.
How about reducing some calculations and optimize the code?

Get some specialist for that maybe.

Windows 10 Pro, Skylake 6600k, 16 GB Ram etc.

ps: Have to uninstall it for now…

Still happening- been a couple of years it seems - program gone, never to be installed by me again.

Your Cpu usage is not the highest. I followed glasswire advice to enable incognito but still have around 30%. See proof here:

I can also make GlassWire do this by running several Bittorrent clients simultaneously. GlassWire has to keep up with the thousands of simultaneous hosts GlassWire is connecting to, so it has to work very hard and it will use CPU.

In most normal use cases GlassWire shouldn’t use much CPU at all and complaints about that are rare these days.

It would also be interesting to know what version of GlassWire you are running?

I see you say you have enabled Incognito. Perhaps also scan your computer with malware. Another person had a similar issue and they were very angry, then they ended up finding they had a malware infection. I have some suggestions below.

I studied this topic on my PC with Windows Task Manager while just running a web browser and email client.

When I leave the GlassWire application window closed, the app uses no resources. Under background processes, I can see that GlassWire Control Service idles at 0% CPU, and periodically uses from 1-2%.

But if I open the GlassWire application in the Graph window, the CPU jumps to around 24%. The other windows only use <1%.

It appears that the hungry task for me is the real-time Graph window. Since I rarely ever open that one, is not a problem here. Most of the time I am just happy to let GlassWire run as a background task doing its thing, and then only open the UI when I want to interact with it, then close it again. So for my use case, GlassWire only requires a small footprint for general use.


FWIW, mine is using 0.3%, of CPU even when open.

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Same here, except for the real-time Graph window. Did you try that one?

Same here, 0.3% of CPU normally even with the graph window open and 23% maximum when first opening the GlassWire graph view. But I don’t torrent or do anything else that connects to many hosts.

I use Bitsum Process Lasso with the ProBalance profile to preserve my system’s responsiveness during high CPU loads: Process Lasso automatically reduces GlassWire’s CPU priority if it grabs too many CPU cycles at the expense of other programs I’m using.

It’s funny that yesterday was the first time this year that GlassWire has been restrained by Process Lasso. it was only five seconds but if your system is heavily loaded then maybe consider Process Lasso. Although I’ve paid, it is free software and there is nothing that I’m using which requires a paid license.

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