High CPU, had to kill Glasswire Control Service

Running Glasswire Pro 2.0.91 on Windows 10 1703. Has been running normally without issues since the upgrade to 2.0.91.

Started the computer from a normal boot this morning, and only had Firefox and Thunderbird open for a few minutes, when I noticed the computer suddenly started acting sluggish and unresponsive.

When I was finally able to get Task manager open I could see Glasswire Control Service, Glasswire Computer Idle Monitor were using nearly 100% of the CPU.

Was able to kill the tasks, but had to reboot to get Glasswire running again.

Running OK now, but this was the first and only time I have seen this happen… Very strange…


Did GlassWire’s graph show any unusual activity at that time? Usually high CPU usage is related to Bittorrent, or thousands of hosts connecting to your PC simultaneously.

No, my graph shows very low traffic today. I do not use torrents at all. I had a couple of idle tabs open in Firefox, no active streaming, and Thunderbird email.

Was just trying to read a web page when the CPU use pegged out. And the browser was not among the high use tasks. Just all of the Glasswire tasks and services, all at once. Very strange, and unexpected. I wasn’t doing anything different than any other day. Just checking email and reading a few web pages. Nothing updated recently other than Firefox on 3/17, and the system has been very stable otherwise.

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