High CPU v2.2.304

I am having issues with high CPU usage all the time while glasswire is running in
‘ask to connect’ mode. It is always 30-40% of my CPU usage. I am running an i7 6700k 4.0GHz with Win 10. I have never noticed this issue before in my 4 years of using Glasswire Pro. The last couple weeks if I have much anything else running on my computer it gets to 100% CPU usage, with 1/3 of that coming from “GlassWire Control Service (32 bit)” according to Task Manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry for the issue. Have you installed some new unusual games lately? We have found a couple obscure games that do some very weird things on the network that can cause this issue when GlassWire is in “ask to connect” mode.

GlassWire will block the game, then it will go crazy trying to connect and try to make thousands of simultaneously connections and it causes our memory to increase to block the strange behavior.

Do you use Bittorrent?

Hey Ken, No I don’t have any new games installed lately. I do occasionally use bittorrent, but not in the last couple weeks.

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Sorry for the issue and thanks for your report.

Maybe you could email me a list of your blocked apps to keep it private if you feel comfortable? It would help with our testing to try to reproduce this.