High Data Usage from Glasswire App

The Glasswire App shows itself using about 1 GB of data this months (today). This is consistent with the displayed data usage from the Android Settings. The same is also true for the last several months since installation. According to itself, Glasswire has used about 10-15 GB of data per month, every month.

I am running the most current Version of Glasswire for my device (3.0.377r), which is an Oneplus Nord (AC2003) running Android 11 (OxygenOS

I’d be happy to find out what might cause this issue.

I’d like to post more Screenshots of the issue, but as a new user I can only attach one.

Sorry for the issue. Our GlassWire app has no connectivity so it doesn’t actually use any data, but we do use a local VPN for blocking. Maybe your device is somehow interpreting the VPN in an unusual way and causing this.

Please go to the bottom right menu and choose “send feedback” and include these details. Our team can then investigate because it will send some logs from your phone to help us find the issue.

You downloaded our app from Google Play directly, correct?

Yes, the app is installed directly from the play store. I’ll send you a report directly from the app.

We received the logs and replied, thanks!

Our app uses an Android API for data counting that’s usually 100% reliable, but some phone manufacturers sometimes do unusual things. Hopefully we can understand what has happened and solve it in an update.

Meanwhile, if there are any updates available for your phone then updating may solve it. Plus maybe uninstall our app, and reinstall it.