High usage with remote mouse application

Hi there,

I am running a remote mouse server off my pc so that I can control my pc using the remote mouse android app.

I see that when my remote mouse server is running, my glasswire cpu utilization is about 10-12% which is weird because i have a i7 4790k.

The second i close remote mouse, the usage drops down to below 1%, why is this?


Thanks for your report and sorry for the problem.

If you check GlassWire’s UI can you see that the mouse is listed there as local network traffic, and is it using a lot of network activity?

it’s using low amount of data, in the bytes continiously, so it is picking up but it definitely the reason the cpu utilization is happening.

We have never used this setup ourselves. Please give us more details about it so we can investigate further and try to solve this some way.

Hi Ken,

So bascially if you run the Remote Mouse server, you’ll see the glasswire control service run at high cpu utilization.

Link for remote mouse, when you click download, choose the windows instalation and run the server.



Thanks! We will try out the software and see if we can reproduce the problem, then fix it.