Historic data usage in kbps/mbps

Hi guys,

Do you know how I can view historic data usage presented in a graph with kbps/mbps present?

All I can find is the graph that shows for example 5GB across the top with the graph below (So indicating the max peak is 5GB)

But there is nothing to let me see when an application is using data and at what rate.

So I want to be able to see for example torrents running at 600kbps an hour ago and 1mbps 5 minutes ago but there is only a usage graph.

Anyone have any ideas?

Also what’s the deal with the usage collection being so slow? I get that it has to pull the data but its coming from a local SSD and I have a fairly high end PC (Some cases of 20+ seconds for data to pull and populate)



Bittorrent contacts an incredible amount of simultaneous hosts and GlassWire has to log them all. This will cause GlassWire to use more resources than normal as it struggles to keep up with all the hosts.

To see per-app graph data go to the “graph” tab, then look at the left side where it shows “apps” and you can show graph usage per-app. Is that what you need?

Our usage tab does not do what you need? I’m not 100% sure I understand what you need to see. Please explain in another way and I’ll come up with a solution.


Hi ken sorry for the confusion.

So I’m looking to be able to see a graph where I can see for example a torrent application using Xkbps at a specific time.

So I could move my mouse onto the graph and have it populate at 1.05 Xkbps transfer occured, at 1.10 etc etc.

The graphs I can find only show how much data was used (and it doesn’t even show it accurately unless you go into usage as it only shows the ceiling figure.


First check this Blog post and see if it helps: https://blog.glasswire.com/2016/05/09/understanding-glasswires-graph-and-scaling-how-much-data-are-you-using-on-your-pc/

Next I think we can do what you need. Go to GlassWire’s graph, then dial down to the time period you need, then click “apps” on the top left to find the app you’re looking for. You can then click the graph for more details.

And yes, it does show details on usage since that is what the usage screen is for. The graph is a visualization that shows you an idea of what’s happening quickly, then you should go into the usage screen for details. However, clicking the graph also shows details.