Hitman Pro "intercepted" attack from GW 1.121

Pretty strange one, i’ve been running both “apps” for years without issues.
Updated to v2 now, but guess it might be interesting for you.

Sorry for the issue.

I searched “hitman pro false positive” and found no way to report false positives to them anywhere. If you see a way to do so in the software please report it so you can help their app work correctly.

Is this our Steam version?

Looks like they only have mail support for this.
I shot them the screenshots i posted here and also link to this thread.

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Thank you for reporting the issue to them.

Try HitmanPro.Alert 3.8.13 build 901. Their latest. It fixed some other issues I was having with build 899.

Their support email: support@hitmanpro.com

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I’m glad it’s working now. Thanks @punkle and thank you for the update @zzz00m.