Home Network Devices Showing Connected, Screen Mirroring and Streaming when Unplugged

Conditions: Only myself in household - Have not shared password - No computers turned on or plugged in - No gaming console or software - No use of Alexa or Echo - Multiple Factory Reset of all devices

Players: Apple iPhone, ISP - Spectrum (Ubee Duel Modem/Router), Amazon Fire Sticks (2), Samsung Smart TV (2). Fing Network Scanner.

During active network scans, and real-time connection monitoring with ISP, Fire Sticks show being online and connected, even when unplugged and disconnected. The devices that show active up & down streaming show the same MAC addresses as my devices.

On TV Source, HDMI, the connected device should always be Fire Stick. It consistently changes to Player, No Device (yet streams), Play Station, etc.

I have never paired or connected iPhone to TV nor have I ever Screen Shared, yet, a Fing scan showed iPhone screen sharing with one of my Fire Sticks. It also showed one of my TV’s as my iPhone under a scan as 8080 http-proxy Common Http proxy/second web server port.

Fire Stick shows port 8009 ajp 13, Apache Jserv Protocol 1.3 running screen mirroring services when Fire Stick is unplugged and disconnected.

I have never connected the Fire Stick through a computer, yet Sling History on Fire Stick shows streaming of Sling on an active Fire Stick on a computer at times I am at work or asleep.

My TV randomly turns itself off and on and someone ordered Amazon Prime Trial using Alexa. I had a 1st gen remote with no Alexa capabilities.

I do not know what to do and am exhausted. Too many players and nowhere to turn for help.

If it was me I’d do this:

  1. Reinstall Windows as a fresh install
  2. Reset all devices to factory reset, then run all updates
  3. Reset/update router and modem
  4. Reset TV, and run all updates
  5. Reset all logon/passwords that are important to you, then use a password manager to keep track of your new complex passwords.

Then install GlassWire on your PC or any Android devices to keep track of any unusual activity. I hope this helps. It’s a lot of work but I think it might solve your issues.

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