Host Detail Only Partially Working With IE


The 2.1.137 update is quite nice. The dark skins really make the GUI much easier to use.

I have played around with the detailed hosts information. I have noticed it works very reliably with Firefox but since my default browser selection is IE-11, that causes some difficulty. In IE, some host queries return information but most do not. Additionally, the only success I have had getting the occasional host information in IE is when I click the 3-dot button next to the host’s full DNS name. But If I click the 3-dot button next to an IP address, the query using IE always fails with empty results. However, when I copy the same URL that Glasswire uses for detailed hosts queries from IE into Firefox each time, the host information is reliably returned, as long as it exists, whether the query is for a DNS name or for an IP address. I definitely want to use IE as my system default browser. Are there any system configuration changes I might be overlooking that would fix this problem and let me take advantage of GW’s cool new hosts detail functionality?

Thank you for the help and for a cool new update!



Do you use any unusual plugins with IE, or are there any unusual settings?

Can you email us some screenshots of what you’re seeing with detailed examples? It will help me solve it.


Hi Ken,
Thank you. I emailed a complete list of my IE Addons to the help@ address. I’m not sure which of the Addons might be considered unusual. Also, I do not know what settings might be unusual. I included several screen shots with the email. Thank you for your help.


I did not receive it for some reason @csdfg2 but I’ll be on the lookout. Perhaps it’s delayed.

I checked our spam also.

Feel free to message me privately here.



Could you clear your browser cache and try it now? We think we fixed it.


Hi Ken,
I cleared all by re-booting the computer. The Host detailed info does appear to be working correctly for me now. I tested several examples of both IP addresses and DNS names. It does seem to take several seconds to return results but that is probably just the nature of the Internet. Thank you. I am definitely looking forward to using this new GW functionality!



I’m glad everything is working now. Thanks for letting us know about this issue so we could solve it.