HostProcess4WindowsServices undermining Glasswire

Despite there being a few threads about Host Processes for Windows Services, I’m starting this one with the intention of it being definitive.
The bottom line is, when HPWS is allowed to run, Windows runs things which I have already turned off both on Glasswire and the Windows settings numerous times, therefore circumventing Glasswire completely, and rendering my subscription useless, unless Glasswire has functionality like Little Snitch, where I can just turn off everything, and then grant access when asked.
When I turn off HPWS, my internet stops working after awhile, not immediately.

In terms of context of my particular machine etc, I can assure you that my security and human rights are about as compromised as is possible in a free democratic country. Why pay subscription fees therefore just to watch it be immediately undermined in an extremely blatant way?


Thanks for your feedback. What is the executable name?

Do you mean if you block that your computer can no longer work at all after awhile, or how do you mean?

It’s exactly what I’ve said.

The executive file name is ‘Host Process for Windows Services’, and the internet stops working when it is turned off.


We have found similar behavior for Windows and the host process. If you click the small arrow to the left of the name you can see all the related services with that process.

We don’t recommend that you block that Windows process or your PC cannot work properly, or you may lose all connectivity. It’s how Windows works unfortunately.

Just to get confirmation; Definitively, Glasswire cannot stop Windows from opening processes you’ve already blocked, therefore a subscription is a waste of money?

I guess it depends whether one finds things like ‘Yourphone’ and ‘microsoft edge’ and outlook etc etc objectionable, since it just turns pretty much everything back on.

Sorry, I guess I don’t understand? You blocked something with our firewall and it isn’t blocked? If you block something with GlassWire it stays blocked. We use the Windows Firewall API and it blocks effectively. Information Security professionals and IT professionals have used the Windows Firewall API for many years and it works well and shouldn’t unblock anything. Even if GlassWire is not running and on bootup before GlassWire starts your apps should stay blocked due to the API we use.

We don’t turn things back on? Are you using a secondary firewall? If so it could be conflicting with ours.

I did have the Windows firewall on, so I’ve turned it off and I’ll see how that goes. Do you recommend turning the private network firewall off aswell? (I mean for someone who is especially vulnerable)

To be clear, about every five to fifteen minutes, things that are already blocked, such as HP stuff, outlook, Edge, apphelpercap.exe, yourphone (two separate ones with the same name), onedrive, settings, xbox gamebar… were being turned back off after I had blocked them. I know this because I sat there for a few hours watching it happen. I would click on them to block them, and then it would cycle through turning them back on. And I figured it might be one of these Host Process things, because there’s another one called ‘Host Processes for Windows Tasks’… anyway… I experimented with turning each one on and off, and finally determined that Host Processes for Windows Services, when turned off, there is no issue, but the internet stops working, not straight away. I can usually click on a few pages first, or it will usually buffer for awhile. Its also not like clockwork. Sometimes its relentless, and other times, like now, its not happening at all. But I cant leave the computer and walk away.

But maybe its just that when HPWS is turned off the internet doesnt work, so its just a coincidence, and the real issue is that something is turning things back on in Glasswire, ie some other party. I am guessing it tends to begin with HPWS though. When I look back at the log.

It just happened again.

The private network firewall is still on though. Is it safe to turn that off with Glasswire running?