How can I change the directory where logs and db files go?

I was reading instructions on maximizing the lifetime of an SSD and came to the tip of creating junction points so files are written to my D:\ instead of written to my C:\ drive. This however doesn’t seem to work for me for whatever reason as I tried creating a junction point for Glasswire/service. Is there an option or can an option be added to change the directory of Glasswire/service where log / db files are written to?

GlassWire currently has no option to move the GlassWire service log but we’ll investigate if we can add this as a future feature. Thank you for your feedback.

It is possible for the db, as descriped here:


Nearly 2 years later…With the increased availability of SSD, please reconsider the ability to MOVE the logfile (.db) to another Non-SSD drive . The last check of SSD is

19.97 MB

27.72 MB

Collecting data and still lagging the ability to use the data or control the destiny of the data.

Please reconsider the requests for data management and location.


To move your database to another HD please create a “glasswire.conf” file in notepad with these two lines only (the lines in quotes):
"# db_file_path=\glasswire.db

This file should be copied to the c:\programdata\glasswire\service folder
The database path is set to D:\glasswire\ folder in the file sample, but you can change the path to something else.

You should restart the GlassWire service when the file is copied.

Can the stats directory get moved as well? I am currently closing in on 20Gig of space and don’t want to remove any history, just move the location of where all the stats are stored. I would highly recommend just having this a option under the general settings :slight_smile:


Do the instructions here solve your issue?

Yes, I agree it would be easier if we just had a simple setting. We hope to improve that in the future if more people start moving their databases.

Integrating into the UI should be relatively simple. Would be beneficial as well. How many users who don’t post may be using this or wanting this sort of feature?

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I just want to say in reply to Servo_GlassWire that more people would change the directory, had they known they have the option. I didn’t know this up until now. Kept running out of space on my system SSD. I’ve had this windows installation for over 4 years now and I’d never ran out of space on C:\ before Glasswire came along. Don’t get me wrong, I love the software, it’s just that adding this little option is not gonna have a catastrophic impact on your bottom line and it will make us, the users/less tech savvy users, happy. Please, add the option to change the location using the UI.