How can I tell why an application connected to a site and what was transferred?

i.imgur com/8J3Kgmc png

A completely official install of paint net connected to a random blog, why? Does anyone reading this that uses paint net have the same issue?

Also it’s incredibly stupid to deny new users image posts in the help section.


You can give feedback on our forum from the creators at I think they have no images for new users as their settings so people won’t immediately come in and post spam images, or gross content.

We are fighting spam quite a bit so I think it makes sense unfortunately.

Why would that app connect to a Blog? I’m not sure. I guess it’s possible the app hosts its stats data on the same server as that Blog?

Thank you for your help, I understand the reasoning and I should have realized that at first.

Is there any way to check what was sent and received? i.imgur com/OZyKIun.png

There is no way to see what was sent or received exactly, but you can see the traffic type and the amount of data.

In GlassWire there is no way to see what is sent but there are many other applications which can. Many of those applications are also free:

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