How can I transfer Glasswire product subscription Key?

I’m looking to use my Glasswire with a new device. Can we use one Glasswire product subscription key with another new device? If Yes, then tell me How can I…?

Please find your order email that has your code.

Next go to the top left menu and choose “activate”, then paste in your code.

You can go to the old device if you aren’t using anymore and choose “deactivate” on the same menu.

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What happens if the old computer gets stolen, or damaged, and you can’t “deactivate” it, do you have to buy new keys? Or will the older keys just get deactivated as you activate new ones?


Our latest subscription keys use a “smart” system, so this isn’t usually an issue. However if it an issue for you somehow just email us so we can help and fix it.

Usually when people have this issue they are using one of our old codes from 2017 or older… and in this case we also help those people too. They should email us the code for help.

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