How do I find this and remove it? REMOVED APP SHOWING AND USING DATA

I have an app that must be one of many I deleted when cleaning my phone to prevent possible malware. It shows up in my data usage as removed, yet it’s still using data and I have no idea how to find out what it is and to finish removing it or it might be malware.

Also recently I’ve had issues with some apps on my phone, how do I find most recent connections, if no new apps have been downloaded? I’m worried streaming some shows may have added malware via pop-ups possibly.


Sorry for the issue.

If you restart your phone is the app still using data? Perhaps the uninstall process did not complete somehow and a phone restart will solve the issue.

Ii have restarted, it still consistently shows up, the apps aren’t around anymore. I deleted like 20 apps believing one may be a virus. And I purchased this to prevent that in the future at least connection wise.

I don’t know what the removed app is, I can’t find any info on it, and it’s not available in my firewall section to close the data usage connection. I suspect it’s malware or something. What can I do?

If I was in your situation I’d do a Google search for your phone type, and how to do a factory reset or a clean Android OS install.