How many updates?

How many updates will the license allow?

Do you mean software updates? We don’t stop paying users from doing updates, so it should allow all updates as long as the subscription is up to date.

I didn’t realise that it was a subscription service. It doesn’t mention that on the website.

GlassWire has been a subscription for over 3 years. It’s mentioned on our contact page Get help with GlassWire subscriptions on our order page, in our cart, and then you even have to check a box that confirms it’s a subscription in our cart on our second page. The first order page is shown below.

Once you subscribe you can cancel any time, or even immediately by pressing “cancel” on the order page or in your order email. When you cancel you can continue to use our software for 1 year and then decide later if you want to renew.

We only offer yearly subscriptions, not monthly. Thanks for considering ordering and you can find out more by clicking this link Get help with GlassWire subscriptions.